About Us

The Fort Worth Innovators Forum is where Fort Worth's entrepreneurs and innovators gather to envision and create the future.
Aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators can discover their own unique path to success because we bring the best of Fort Worth together every month with noted speakers and panel discussions as well as workshops, hackathons, and job fairs.
Our goal is to be the wide end of the startup funnel by providing an entryway to the entrepreneurially curious.
Our mission is to make Fort Worth the innovation capital of Texas.

Our Goals

The Fort Worth Innovators Forum empowers members to innovate in startups, corporations, and other situations.
In order to accomplish this we are:

Who Should Join

We are reaching out to engage:

Startup Culture

We are building a startup culture in North Texas centered on Fort Worth focusing, first, on the earliest stage of startup formation. That means attracting the attention of the entrepreneurially curious who have the skills and aptitude to create a startup. The ideal startup founder is someone with deep industry experience and a unique startup idea from that industry around which a team can be formed and a startup can be created.

Corporate Innovation

We are helping local businesses become more innovative and competitive worldwide. That means promoting innovation to executives and managers and enabling product managers and employees to become more innovative.
We are inspiring those who are not technical to create new scalable companies or to add scalability to existing companies through, for example, digital transformation.

University/Industry Collaboration

We are facilitating industry and university collaboration in the development of technology and research.

Attention Fort Worth entrepreneurs and innovators: You are not alone!

Creativity is something you are born with. Wrong!

Innovation is more than invention and technology

Do you know the difference between a small business and a startup?

Are you familiar with funding options?

Explore the variety of offerings

Every event is an opportunity to connect with peers

Networking is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Greetings
    • How are you?
    • So, what brought you here?
    • How may i help you
    • who would you like to meet here?
  2. Exchange Business Cards
  3. Follow Up

There are many ways to give back to our community

For more information, contact Edward A. Ipser, Jr. (ipser@ipser.com)