Jose Alfaro: Customer Discovery

March 10, 2023

Jose Alfaro identified a poor market fit as the biggest reason that startups fail. A business idea is just a hypothesis and marketing and funding can't solve a poor market fit.

A startup should focus on one type of customer to avoid getting bogged down in thinking about all the possible customers at once.

A customer persona includes demographics such as age, gender, location, and income and emotions such as interest, passion, desires, and mission.

Have conversations with real live customers; listen and reflect. Pull stories from them instead of asking yes/no questions.

Jose Alfaro is CEO of CO.STARTERS, a small business accelerator. He is an experienced leader with a track record of building healthy and sustainable business models to support work at scale. His unique ability to build up individuals by highlighting their gifts and strengths allows him to build strong teams to work together and accomplish organizational goals.

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