Creativity Workshop, Introduction

January 17, 2024, 11AM to Noon

Do you face challenges that don't lend themselves to obvious or straightforward solutions? Is hard work not paying off for you anymore? Do you need new insights to move your business forward? Do you worry that your ideas are not worth the investment of time and energy required to bring them to fruition?

You may need to become more creative in your business problem solving.

Creativity is the formation of something original, either tangible, such as work of art, or intangible, such as an idea. Creativity can be applied to descriptions, to how we see the world. It can be applied to problem solving and it can be used to design new things. Mastering creativity opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It enlists your imagination as an effective problem solving tool.

While this workshop series is business-focused, it adds another dimension of thought often missing from practical disciplines. Anyone who wants to find and develop a new business idea will benefit from it.

In this first creativity workshop you will learn:

  1. What is creativity
  2. Why it literally pays to be more creative
  3. What is the role of play in creativity
  4. What is an epiphany
  5. How to apply creativity in your business and personal life

Participants can expect to come away from this workshop series with a greater creativity in every task they approach both individually and in collaboration with others. This includes the ability to invent new possibilities and to solve problems more effectively. Creativity is the foundation to creating new products, services, processes, business models, and startups. Additionally, creative individuals are more engaged and productive even in tasks that don’t require creativity.

This workshop is a series of one hour planned, instructor-led presentations in which concepts are taught and reinforced through discussions, demonstrations, and exercises, using real situations and problems that the participants face.

The overall series will include:

  • Creativity
    1. Introduction
    2. Insight
    3. Curation
    4. Development
    5. Lateral Thinking
    6. Collaboration
    7. Management
  • Innovation
    1. Introduction
    2. Design
    3. Jobs To Be Done
    4. Innovation Canvas
    5. Adaptation
    6. Accountability
    7. Management
  • Startups
    1. Introduction
    2. Focus
    3. Marketing and Sales
    4. Operations
    5. Finances
    6. Experimentation
    7. Cofounders
    8. Incorporation
    9. Funding

Fee: Free

400 Bryan Ave
Fort Worth, 76104

Edward A. Ipser, Jr. PhD is President of IpserLab LLC, a startup foundry and Managing Partner at Coactify Inc., a creative pivot and turnaround consultancy. He has founded, cofounded, joined, and advised many startups. As founder of MarketFusion he raised $23M in venture capital. He also founded SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Software Entrepreneurs) in 1996 which became the premier Silicon Valley entrepreneurial organization before merging into SVForum. He graduated from TCU with majors in Math, Psychology, and Economics and received a PhD in computer science from USC.

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